Do you love slot machines – so much so that you have actually done a search on the Internet to find the most popular and lucrative games out there? Perhaps you have searched on a major engine, such as Google, and discovered a website offering free reviews of a large quantity of online slot machine games?

If so, be careful not to fall in to the trap that so many online punters do fall in to. Remember, at the end of the day, you can only trust yourself, and hence you should actually find the best slot machine to suit your needs, without having to rely on the hearsay and opinion of someone else.

Why? Well, unfortunately these days, owners of slot machine review sites have a number of alternative motives for hosting such content, and providing such reviews.

Did you really think they were doing it for your best interests? Unfortunately not. Remember, owning a website these days is more often the direct result of wanting to make a profit, rather than actually wanting to provide a service (such as this one genuinely is).

Who To Trust

Knowing this, who should you trust in the online world of slot reviews? Which websites are genuinely worth reading, and which will simply lead you down the path to an incorrect slot machine choice, and therefore a waste of your time (and possibly your money as well)?

The answer is very elusive as you would expect. Unfortunately, there is no fool proof way of knowing if a particular website is being paid to list their “positive” opinion about a single slot machine game.

One way to get the upper hand though is to check a number of these sites. If a series of sites are recommending the same slot machine game, you can be pretty sure that they will not all be receiving a large payout from the manufacturer.

Additionally, take a look at the bottom of each of the review sites, and see if you can find a link where they offer to share with you all of their ranking criteria. If they make their ranking criteria available, you will know exactly what it is that they look for in a good and decent slot machine game – and you can then compare it to you requirements and needs.